Hyundai IONIQ Release Date USA

The IONIQ comes in three models, and Hyundai USA is planning on releasing them at all different times.

Here’s the breakdown, as far as we know – now. Hyundai first said the IONIQ Ev would be coming at the end of 2016, but later bumped that date back to Spring 2017.

The Ioniq EV release date in the USA is set to go on sale by April 1, 2017. The Ioniq Hybrid has the same release plans as the Electric vehicle. However, the plug-in hybrid version will be released in the US later in the year by September 1.

In South Korea, the availability is different. Actually, the Ioniq Hybrid was launched a year ago in February 2016, and the Ioniq battery electric version follow in July 2016.

The IONIQ will come to other markets after it is launched in North America. With the IONIQ, Hyundai is aimed squarley at the Toyota Prius Prime. It will be interesting to see how things shake out in the future

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