Hyundai IONIQ 2018

The Hyundai IONIQ was first revealed in South Korea in January 2016, followed by the official debut of the 3 different IONIQ models in March 2016. At the time, Hyundai said it would be ready to go on sale by mid 2016 and received much skepticism. As we now know, the IONIQ was bumped back for its North American delivery, and may end up coming as the IONIQ 2018 model year.

As for other parts of the world, back in July 2016, the IONIQ Electric went onĀ  sale in South Korea and sold over 1000 units in the first two months on the market.

In North America, the Hybrid and Electric models are expected to hit dealerships by April 1, 2017, and some news outlets report getting word that the first EV models will arrive by the end of February. The plug-in hybrid will arrive in the fall.

Hyundai is expecting lots from this newcomer to the market, and is hoping to sell 30,000 of them globally in 2016. Hyundai Motor Company expects to sell 77,000 copies of the hybrid Hyundai IONIQ 2018 version in 2017. No sales numbers were released for the Hyundai Ioniq Electric 2018 model year.

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